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We concentrate on one thing * voice *

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With Click4FreeCall, the online customer uses their voice enabled computer to contact your business for free.

You can choose the call to Received ON you ip Device, Mobile Application, IP PBX Based Call Center or Computer at one fixed Monthly Costing (Unlimited incoming calls) OR You can choose to forward it to your standard Mobile and Land line number any where in world at low Per minute Rate

The Website  Visitor  Sitting anywhere in world   clicks  on  click4freecall  link and is greeted  by  your  personalized welcome  greeting  , the call is  than  redirected  to  your Pre-Selected  option .
The Visitor gets  to Talk to  you  in live 


Click4FreeCall is a simple yet sophisticated way for small and medium sized businesses to optimize their online presence.

  • Significantly Increase Online Revenues and ROI
  • Enhance Customer Satisfaction
  • Implement Quickly and Easily
  • Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment
  • Step Ahead of the Competition
  • Improved Reporting and Analysis
  • Global Business Opportunities
  • Significant Advantages over 1-800 Inbound Calls
  • Enjoy Scalability and Manageability
  • Get  Worldwide  Presence 
  • Make  your  company look  big  with  Personalized  Welcome  greeting  and  PBX  options  for your visitors
  • NO  PER  Minute  Charges  for  you  ,  if  you choose to  Receive calls  on  Computer/ Mobile Application or  any  ip  enabled  Device.   The call is  free  for  the visitor Always.
  • Use  the  link  as  your  email Signature/  on Blogs / Social Networking  Sites   to  get clients to talk to  you  Instantaneously
  • Calls  can  also  be  Routed  to  your  existing  Call Center (  IP  PBX  or  PSTN )